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What is GE Smallworld?

Steve Bolze, President and General Manager of GE Energy Management Services, commented, “GE Smallworld is a powerful company with a talented, enthusiastic team and solid, innovative technology that clearly delivers results for customers around the globe. The addition of GE Smallworld dramatically expands our portfolio of high-tech software, sensors, and systems to meet the demanding needs of the energy and communications marketplace. In addition to GE Smallworld’s presence in the utility and public systems industries, we are equally excited about two notable achievements at GE Smallworld – first, the acquisition of the Spatial Services division of Navigant Consulting and second, the strong revenue growth and customer position gained by Smallworld’s Communications group.”

GE is one of the world’s largest diversified services companies as well as a provider of high-quality, high-technology industrial and consumer products. GE consists of more than three dozen major businesses operating in 100 countries around the globe. From GE Power Systems to GE Plastics or GE Capital to NBC, the company is committed to expanding the services and technologies delivered to its global customer base through strategic initiatives in globalization, Six Sigma quality, product services and e-Business.

GE Power Systems is the largest business unit of GE and is a leading global supplier of power generation technology, energy services, and energy management systems. Through a series of acquisitions and alliances, GE Power Systems has expanded its portfolio of products, services and software solutions to serve global customers. Recent acquisitions of rental equipment and industrial water treatment businesses demonstrate this commitment to serve the energy industry as well as a broader range of industries including telecommunications, entertainment, and high-tech manufacturing.

As a technology leader, GE Smallworld will continue to provide spatial technology and network software products to utility, public systems, and communications customers around the world. GE Smallworld products model real world assets and services, enabling companies to understand where their facilities and customers are located and how they are connected to the network, while seamlessly integrating this information across the enterprise. In addition to software products, GE Smallworld provides rapid implementation and integration of GE Smallworld unique object-oriented technology and vertical industry solutions, which can increase revenues, improve customer service, and increase asset utilization for their customers. GE Smallworld has more than 870 customers in 43 countries around the world.