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Analysis and introductory advice

We make a study to discuss how is best to identify how your employees can participate in this process and what difficulties will have to be overcame. We compile concepts and project plans which suit your business needs.

GIS system planning, design, implementation and integration

Logis specialists can help you plan and design all the aspects of the GIS system before it will be actually developed in order to meet all your needs in a very effective manner. When you decide to have the application developed from the plans, our team will implement it in short time providing also the integration in the existing enterprise environment.

User support for GIS hardware, software, and data purchases

We assist you implementing and enhancing your information system throughout the life-cycle of the project. Whether the problems are hardware or software-related, we will provide full support for the applications developed by us.

Data capture

We take charge of your data capture and data editing. Our specialists are capable to analyze and process all type of data GIS-related, no matter what format or media the data is provided.

Application development

Logis develops applications specially designed to meet all your needs, for both expert and novice users, no matter if you want to query, view and print from the database or if you want to introduce data into the GIS application.

Regularly scheduled and/or customized GIS training classes

Our on-the-job training ensures that your people start operational work as soon as possible. The application's end-users can be trained by our specialists in operating with the GIS application to achieve maximum decisional efficiency.