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GE Smallworld Oil & Gas Transmission Manager

GE Smallworld Oil & Gas Transmission Manager is a complete asset management for pipeline companies and provides support for all aspects of natural pipeline networks, including pipelines and related facilities as well as right-of-way modeling. Linear referencing is used to locate events or objects as they occur along the pipeline. GE Smallworld Oil & Gas Transmission Manager can be used to reference any pipeline-related events such as soil conditions or corrosion information. Customized pipeline-centric maps (alignment sheets) are easily generated through reusable "building blocks" that display data as either tables or strips along the pipeline.

GE Smallworld's forward-looking core technology ensures intelligent object behavior like topological rules for automatic connection to the network or tracing rules for network analysis. Intelligent object behavior, a complete data model and data maintenance applications are the basis for GE Smallworld Oil & Gas Transmission Manager, which is designed to meet the rigorous demands of gas utility organizations. It is structured to support the most robust GIS applications and to integrate easily with other applications. All aspects of the pipeline network are open and easy to interface with commonly used load flow analysis packages and supports typical leak survey and cathodic protection programs.