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GISConnect provides an extremely close level of integration between Smallworld Core Spatial Technology and SAP R/3 - integrating the world's most successful spatial technology... and the world's most successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite.

Smallworld and SAP R/3 each manage data that represent aspects of the same real world objects, such as the poles, transformers and switches in an electricity distribution network. Without integration, operation of the two systems results in double entry of data, data duplication, and database inconsistencies. GISConnect creates an integrated virtual database, which provides high-level access to R/3 data from within Smallworld. With GISConnect, the Smallworld user interface does not distinguish between native spatial data and data stored in R/3, and allows the user to drive both systems consistently from a single user interface, with automatic data synchronization. GISConnect provides:

  • Virtual database integration between Smallworld 3 and SAP R/3

  • Support for PM, MM, SM and IS-U/CCS R/3 modules

  • Fast implementation, high configurability

  • Excellent support for utility business processes