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Building and designing complete solutions

First of all, we provide software that helps you successfully plan, design, build, maintain and operate your complex utility network. But our software goes far beyond each of those functions. Our software provides a seamless flow of information through engineering and operations, while integrating completely with other corporate systems. And we will implement the whole solution with you.

The result? A complete utility network solution - a network model that helps you to run your utility efficiently, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Maximum of advantages

By deploying GE Smallworld's network solution utilities can :

  • Achieve significant cost savings by reducing construction and maintenance costs and maximize network efficiency through reducing outage restoration time.

  • Improve customer service by providing correct and timely information to customers, regulators, partners, employees and shareholders about the current status of the network and future improvement plans.

  • Reduce implementation time and costs by deploying applications using standard Internet technology throughout your enterprise and into the field.

  • Reduce risk by using GE Smallworld's experience with over 550 utilities worldwide to implement a system designed to specifically meet a utilities requirements.