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GE Smallworld and British Telecommunications Sign Strategic Enterprise Agreement

Atlanta, GA (October 9, 2001) - GE Smallworld today announced that it has an agreement with British Telecommunications (BT), one of its major customers, to convert the existing arrangements for licensing GE Smallworld software into a strategic enterprise. The agreement will provide BT and its operating units the opportunity to utilize GE Smallworld Physical Network Inventory and Network Inventory Gateway software products in the future in order to further automate the management of their communications networks.

GE Smallworld, a leading supplier of network solutions to the communications industry, has worked with BT over the past three years to achieve the successful implementation of two significant projects; the external plant records (PRM) system and the Maps by e-mail (MbE) system. Both companies believe that the agreement will lead to an even closer working relationship in the future.

Having worked with GE Smallworld software on the implementation of our PRM system and MbE project, we know that they can deliver innovative solutions to meet our business requirements," said David Onions, BT Wholesale’s National Contracts and New Sites manager. "This agreement will enable both BT and GE Smallworld to capitalize on the new technologies being offered to the industry.

This agreement means that we will work even more closely with BT in the future. We are delighted that BT has decided to enter into this significant license agreement with GE Smallworld and we look forward to growing what is already a strong relationship,” said Richard Green, vice president, GE Smallworld Communications Division.

About BT

British Telecommunications plc is one of Europe’s leading providers of communications services, including: exchange lines and private circuits, and fixed local, national and international voice and data calls to homes and businesses in the United Kingdom (UK); wireless voice and data communications services and equipment for businesses and individuals in the UK and internationally; international new-wave products and services, including interned, multimedia data transport and solutions; and, interconnection services for other UK operators.