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A professional working style and the access to the most recent technologies, are the main aspects that should convince you to choose our company.

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Logis was founded in 2000 in order to address the specific needs of telecommunications companies for the management of their geographically distributed network infrastructure. Logis combines its professionalism with the latest technologies to help companies to maintain their professional competence.
Founded in Romania company provide solutions to improve business processes such as service assurance, network inventory or capacity and configuration management to Network Engineering and Operations & Maintenance departments. In developing these application products, we work actively to understand the common needs of customers and then deliver innovative solutions to those problems.

341 Logical network inventory
10 Opex Savings
2,463 Geospatial data
23 Inventory Management
15 Service Fulfillment


Analysis advice

We compile concepts and project plans which suit your business needs.

Custom Design

Logis specialists can help you plan and design all the aspects before it will be actually developed in order to meet all your needs in a very effective manner.

Tehnical Support

Whether the problems are hardware or software-related, we will provide full support for the applications.

Data capture

Our specialists are capable to analyze and process all type of data no matter what format is provided.

Application development

Logis develops applications specially designed to meet all your requirements, for both expert and novice users.

Time efficiency

Reduce implementation time and costs by deploying or provide applications using technology throughout your enterprise.


CROSS Network Intelligence offers an innovative software platform for network modelling and management, from physical and logical network inventory to processes such as alarms and customer services including the associated costs and revenues. One of the main business drivers for CROSS is to break down different system silos. Inventory data, service data and alarms are often managed in different systems.

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