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  1. I'm running a company. What can GIS do for me ?

  2. Well... a lot of things... Let's take a simple example: you are running a real-estates insurance company. First of all you can have a detailed map of the city, with all the data there is to know about all of the buildings like: the date of the construction, the estimated value, the seismic risk of the building etc. With this your company can obtain real-time information about any building, without waiting to have a response from the local authority.

  3. Could someone hack into a GIS database?

  4. Yes. It's possible like any other hacking. But the problem is that they cannot steal to much information since the database contains geographical information. Though, if you have sensitive information in your GIS database, take extra-safety measures in order to prevent data from being stolen.

  5. Could a GIS system perform simulations on a network like "what if" scenarios?

  6. Well... not by itself. But other applications developed to use the GIS database can run "what if" scenarios. In example, this is useful for you if you plan to modify something on a network and you want to know how the network will react to these changes.

  7. Where is all the data that is put on the GIS database coming from?

  8. All the data gathered and stored in a GIS database comes from various sources: satellite data, existent databases, classic archives etc. The role of GIS is to put all this information together in a uniform information system.

  9. Can I have a GIS database on my home computer?

  10. No. The main reason is that a real GIS platform requires lot of memory and processing speed. And another reason: what would you like to put in a such database? The plan of your house with all the gadgets you have on the walls? Let's get serious! GIS is for complex networks and for mapping areas with high precision, not for all the gadgets in your kitchen.

  11. How long does it take to develop a GIS application ?

  12. It depends on the application and on the complexity of the data that it has to be introduced. It may take months or even years. In example, for a private company that has a telecommunication network it may take a few months, but for national utilities network it may take years. It all depends on the speed and volume.


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