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The company

Logis Developments is a Romanian company which provides Geographic Information System (GIS) related products and services.

Logis Developments develops software products that solve specific problems for our customers. In developing these application products, we work actively to understand the common needs of customers and then deliver innovative solutions to those problems.

Logis can deliver GIS applications for a wide variety of organizations in both public and private sector that:

  • Operate telephone, cellular and cable television networks

  • Transmit and distribute electricity and natural gas

  • Provide water, wastewater and storm water services

  • Design and manage transportation systems

  • Administer public-sector services

The application products we develop are driven largely by what our customers tell us they need.

Related to

Our products are integrated applications based on the GE Smallworld GIS platform a modern and stable solution. GE Smallworld is a powerful and open base system suitable for any approach to solve software projects for supply, distribution and telecommunication networks.

As diverse as these organizations are, networks - our clients' essential common feature - have a few things in common: planning, development, implementation and operating. These are very dynamic processes that require a complex workflow.

This complexity is reflected in our clients' organizational structures. The products from Logis simplify these work processes and increase the reliability of operation.